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About SKYChem

SKYChem Education is an initiative by Satish Kumar Yadav (famously known as SKY Sir among students) to impart the highest quality education by adhering to holistic and student-centric approach, emphasizing systematic learning, revisions, study material, tests, quizzes  and more to help students fulfill their dreams of entering the prestigious Engineering and Medical colleges.

Today’s rapidly changing pattern of IIT-JEE, NEET and other competitive exams makes quality teaching and systematic learning more imperative than ever. At SKYChem, we are committed to make learning process fundamentally strong and enjoyable for the aspirants by using innovative teaching methods and testing solutions perfectly in sync with the present-day exam pattern and preparation needs. 

We walk an extra mile to ensure that the students do not miss any chance of getting the highest benchmark in competitive exams. Our mission is to nurture students to realize their own potential and identify and achieve their goals in an environment of rich tutelage, joyful and harmonious learning. 

The meticulously maintained coaching quality, healthy competitive environment and wholehearted student support system has made SKYChem the unanimous choice for Chemistry in Hisar.

About Satish Kumar Yadav (SKY Sir)

Satish Kumar Yadav is a B.Tech and M.Tech graduate in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi (2010-2015). Teaching was not on the cards for SKY Sir until his final year at college.

It was during his participation for a voluntary social services program at IIT Delhi, where students had to go ahead and teach unprivileged students living near the campus free of cost, which changed his mindset and he aspired to work in the education sector.

In his final year, the time came to sit for campus placement and make a career decision, however, not one to tread the corporate path, he soon found himself looking for something exciting in education sector, and that’s when the idea of teaching the engineering and medical aspirants hit him.

Passionate in the art of learning and teaching coupled with exceptional subject knowledge,  presentation and elucidation skills, he chose academia over industry, and has been since imparting quality education to engineering & medical aspirants and hasn’t had to look back.

He has taught at various renowned institutes like MindPro Academy Hisar, Rahmani Super-30 Patna, JKs Academy Mathura, IITians’ Tapasya Patna and also has extensive online teaching experience.
















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Strongly motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit and his inherent prerogative in the field of teaching, he founded SKYChem Education with the vision of providing a strong footing for Chemistry to engineering and medical aspirants with best quality education and help them lay the foundation for a successful career.
Credited with an exceptional command in Chemistry, his extremely methodical and well-structured pedagogy offers a very comprehensive and lucid understanding of even the most abstruse concepts of Chemistry. He is absolutely focused and committed to make chemistry an interesting subject for all inquisitive and aspiring students. His teaching methods are focused on conceptual clarity and problem solving through innovative thinking. He ensures the comprehension of the challenging topics with an equal emphasis on the easier ones. His belief in systematic and planned preparation has helped numerous students achieve their dreams. 

In the first year of his teaching journey, one of his students secured AIR-31 (Anuj Mittal- IITJEE Adv. 2014) followed by AIR-194 (Parv Jain- IITJEE Adv. 2017), AIR-3 JEE Main 2020 & AIR-97 IITJEE Adv. 2020 (Divyanshu Agarwal).


He has been credited with many more remarkable results over the years: AIR-358 (Sanyam- IITJEE Adv. 2020), AIR-360 (Sanchit Chaba- IITJEE Adv. 2020), AIR-474 (Kushagr Goyal - IITJEE Adv 2021),  AIR-478 (Parth Kamra- IITJEE Adv. 2020), AIR-887 (Abhishek Yadav- IITJEE Adv. 2015), AIR-951 (Yogesh Nain- IITJEE Adv. 2020, AIR-977 (Shivansh- IITJEE Adv. 2020), AIR-1326 (Manaswini- AIIMS 2019).

These success stories have given him both the wings to his passion and confidence to keep going.

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